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My name is Cara Martin and I started this business over 10 years ago while I was working as a paralegal in a law firm and saw the large number of clients who needed services, but didn't necessarily need an attorney.  It was, and still is, my hope to relieve some of the financial burden of obtaining legal documents for those who are able to represent themselves in court.  I provide paperwork, fully completed and ready to file, for Agreed/Uncontested Divorces, Adult Name Changes, and Durable Power of Attorney.  If you need any of these documents and can't afford an attorney, please contact me and I will do all I can to help.
This is not an automated service!  I review each questionnaire and prepare your forms with the information you provide.


1.  If you are eligible for the Military, DOC, or First Responders discount, use the Contact page to request a coupon code.  To be eligible, the person hiring me must be Military, Department of Corrections, Law Enforcement, EMT or Paramedic or Firefighter.

2.  Select the service you need from the Services page, use the link to complete the questionnaire and contract, and then use the easy checkout.

3.  Send in any documents needed, such as deeds, birth certificates, or Proof of Service for the discount, by using the Upload Forms page, or texting me a picture of your documents to (405) 714-0186. Please include your name and the service you are needing if you text me. 

4.  If you would prefer, you can download the Contract and the Questionnaire for the service you are needing by going to the Contracts & Forms page. When completed, use the Upload Forms page to send them in.

5.  Your documents will be delivered to you within 1-5 days by email.   If there will be a delay in that time frame, you will be contacted.